HI-RES IMAGE | Photo Credit: Karine Dufour



Two years ago, Marie Rosaz dashed a crazy bet: design and realize a clock from butts of cigarette. During more than a year, equipped with gloves and with a paper bag! She emptied ashtrays in front of her building almost every day, between 19 and 21 o'clock. Her objective: fill with butts 12 plastic bottles of a liter. Because, after the mission collection, there was a mission filling! After every picking, with her gloves, a mask and a tweezers, she filled patiently her bottles… she had the curiosity to count the butts of her first bottle: 878 well pressed down! 10 600 butts later, he did not have more than to go up her clock. She created this work which is her way of fighting these invisible killers : The companies of tobacco which grow rich in an impertinent and irresponsible way to the detriment of their victims who are younger and younger!

HI-RES IMAGE | Photo Credit: Karine Dufour

• 54 % of the young people aged 20 to 24, smoke
• 100 billion cigarettes are smoked every year in the world
• 5 million deaths occur because of tobacco, in the world
• 90 % of lung cancers are provoked by the tobacco, in the world

While hours run on her clock:
• Every 4 seconds a person dies because of tobacco
• 15 persons every minute
• 900 persons every hour, in the world!

Cigarette butts which are the most abundant type of litter found in streets and roadways are one of the deadliest forms of waste and they also pollute!

• 4 300 billion cigarette butts are thrown in streets, every year in the world, ie : 137 000 per second.
• butts are made of "synthetic polymer cellulose acetate" and will note degrade completely and will break apart after at least 12 years
• A butt may pollute 500 liters of water, making it unfit for consumption.

Her approach aims making become aware to the smokers of the danger of tobacco for their health as well as misdeeds of the butts of cigarette on the ecosystem. She hopes she can show her work in public places.



lAlarmed by the destruction of several marine species and by the pollution of the oceans, Marie Rosaz created this work to make the human beings of this planet  aware of their responsibility concerning this so destructive pollution!

HI-RES IMAGE | Photo Credit: Karine Dufour

Up to date, more than 100 million tons of plastic waste scattered in the world's oceans. The "Pacific Trash Vortex", which is constituted by plastic wastes, extends over a surface of more than 2700 kilometers in length on the open sea.

It is approximately 13 000 pieces of plastic that float on every km2 of sea ! While the hours run on her clock, every year, 6,5 billion kilos of plastic waste are cross-posted in the oceans, it is 206 kilos per second ! which end in micro-particles ingested by aquatic organisms which die from the human pollution. More insidious still, the massive invasion of plastic debris. Pieces of plastic almost invisible to the naked eye, are contained in sediments of beaches, slums of the coastal zones and the sand. This massive pollution is bound to last because the various kinds of polymers of bags and plastic bottles are going to put between century and 1000 years to disintegrate!


HI-RES IMAGE | Photo Credit: Karine Dufour


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